Holistic Approach

The Rachel's Angels programme aims to uplift all stakeholders involved through education, professional training, meaningful interaction and mentorship throughout the two year course. The programme not only helps mentees complete their education and access tertiary education but also supports them in other aspects of everyday life making them more prepared for life after school. Mentors also receive training and support from the operational team to ensure any problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.

The main focus of the trust is to help mentees, Gr11 and Gr12 school learners, to graduate Matric and gain access to a tertiary institution. In addition to this the workshops and mentoring offered helps to make well rounded individuals who are able to function and contribute to the world they live in. Workshops cover psychometric testing, personal interest assessments, aptitude tests and emotional intelligence tests to help mentees better understand themselves. Learning skills workshops offered by University professors and life skill workshops by industrial psychologists and other leaders in their fields all contribute in preparing the mentees for life after school. The mentees also receive emotional and practical support from their mentors as well as assistance with career guidance and day to day problems they might be faced with.

The workshops offered to mentors, Stellenbosch University students who act as mentors to the mentees, help them to become successful leaders and advisors. This helps them not only in facilitating their portion the program but moving forward in life and their own careers. The mentors are trained in regular workshops offered by a team of industrial psychologist from the University of Stellenbosch. Each set of mentors allocated to each school has a Super-mentor who acts as liaison between the operational team and the mentor team. The Super-mentors and operational team has monthly meetings ensuring that they solve any issues on a regular basis and receive ongoing support throughout the course of the programme.

The Rachel's Angels trust continually looks to improve their programme as a whole to competently prepare their stakeholders for the road ahead and prides itself in the progress and achievements thus far.

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